Youth Day at the X Nevsky International Ecological Congress

Society 30 may 2023

Maria Sarbaeva, senior lecturer of the department “Management and Entrepreneurship” and Anastasiia Batueva, student of the faculty of management took part in the event.

The ecological congress brought together over 2,000 people all over the country. Such number of participants confirms the importance of the environmental problems for the youth.

There were 15 workshops within the framework of the congress. The central event of the Youth Day was a plenary session “Environmental professions: present and future”.

There were over 100 speakers. Among them were the members of All-Russian ecological movement “Ecosystem”, the representatives of the youth ecological organizations “Ecosophy”, “Volunteers of the Forest” and so on.

The important event of the Youth Day was the conference of the All-Russian ecological movement “Ecosystem”. There were the representatives of 52 regions of Russia. The co-chairs and Coordination council of the movement were chosen at the conference.

eco congress youth day