Social responsibility

High-quality education of students is the basis of our work.

Since 2012 the University of Management «TISBI» has received regular state orders for training bachelors and masters on a budget basis. Interactive teaching methods develop systems thinking so that our graduates are ready for creative solutions of problems from the first day.

TISBI Recruitment Agency works for the employment of our students and graduates. It provides communication between graduates and employers and organizes a series of activities aimed at effective employment as the part of social partnership with state structures of the Republic and the largest commercial organizations.

Accessible Education

Distance Learning

We have been developing distance learning technologies since 1999, this year the department of distance learning was established

Distance learning technologies helps to eliminate unequal access to education. We have introduced an Integrated University Management System (ISU VUZ). The student does not need to go to the University to have lecture classes and tests.

Access to educational and control materials, consultations with teachers and participation in classes are available through personal accounts in the ISU VUZ. To start training you will need a computer or laptop with access to the Internet. Studying is as comfortable as possible for the student. You can get knowledge wherever and whenever it’s possible — at home or at work, in the morning or in the evening.

Inclusive Education

We work purposefully towards education of persons with disabilities. The University of Management «TISBI» has provided vocational training for people with disabilities on a budget basis for more than 15 years.

The education of disabled people is carried out on the basis of adapted educational programs. There is an unhindered access to the main campus. Classrooms, common areas and a number of training programs are adapted for students with disabilities.

The University actively implements and develops professional education programs for the deaf, hearing impaired. The technology of distance learning education for the deaf was recognized as unique according to the high professional education program.


Volunteering in «TISBI» is the promotion of ideas of good, tolerance in modern society, the adoption of active life position.

The volunteer center of the University of Management «TISBI» was established in 2013 on the initiative of the students. This is a platform for students who want not just to learn, but also to spend their free time with benefit.

The work of the center takes place in several areas of volunteering:

  • event — participation in cultural events;
  • sports — assistance in carrying out sports events of world, federal and regional level;
  • cultural and environmental — participation in cultural and environmental actions;
  • social — assistance to vulnerable segments of the population, participation in city charity events, work with funds and social institutions;
  • Victory volunteers — participation in patriotic events and activities, All-Russian days for unity;
  • tourist volunteers in the hotel industry.

Legal Clinic

In the creative, educational and educational practice-oriented work of the University, special attention is paid to legal education. A vivid example is the legal clinic of our University, which provides free legal assistance to vulnerable segments of the population.

The consultants of the clinic are Ph.D., experienced lawyers, senior students of the Department of Law of our University.

Based on the concluded cooperation agreements with the Constitutional Court and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Tatarstan, people of our city have the opportunity to consult the highly professional practitioners on issues in the field of civil, land, tax, financial legislation.

Besides consultant services, the clinic organizes master classes on the topics «Protection of social rights and freedoms of citizens in modern legal proceedings» and «Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of vulnerable segments of the population in the system of work of legal clinics», organizes a round table discussions «Pressing issues of increasing the level of financial literacy in the community» and other activities.


A «Charity in Education» fund was created to funding for vocational training of disabled people at the University of Management «TISBI».

The main goal of the fund is to attract sponsorship, charity and donations from legal entities and individuals to assist people with disabilities and persons who, due to their physical or intellectual characteristics, are not able to realize independently their rights and legitimate interests in obtaining professional education.