Educational Visit at Kazan International Airport

Education 12 february 2021

Dmitriy Ivanov, a director of the Bureau of Business Economic Security and practitioner of the Faculty of Economics, organized the educational visit at the Kazan International Airport.

A class “Bases of investigative activities in the economic area” was organized for the students of the University of Management “TISBI”. It was accompanied by Guzel Rakhimova, Associate Prof. of the Finance and Credit Department.

Victor Gafarov, a head of the transportation safety at Kazan International Airport, gave a lay of the inner workings of the airport. Students visited terminals, learned about airport and aviation services and security.

The students also registered for the flight and went on a pre-flight inspection, where they were shown the work of the inspection equipment while searching for explosive devices, weapons and ammunition, as well as the activities of the security inspectors.

Victor Gafarov talked over the prospects for the development of legislation on transport security and counter-terrorist protection of transport. Kazan International Airport takes an active role in making suggestions and proposals for updating the regulations of the Ministry of Transport and other federal executive bodies.

Two hours flew by. The students asked many questions and remained satisfied with such informative educational visit.

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