International Cooperation

The University of Management «TISBI» actively cooperates with the universities and educational centers of the United States, Canada, Africa, Asia, Europe and the CIS.

International activity is considered as one of the key areas of its work and implements it in several directions:

  • double degree programs and continuing education abroad;
  • student exchange and academic mobility;
  • participation in the implementation of such international educational programs as ERASMUS, ERA NET Rus Plus;
  • cooperation with UNESCO and representing the interests of international organizations such as FISU and others;
  • holding international educational, research and cultural projects, conferences, seminars and workshops;
  • foreign nationals are welcomed to study at the University of Management «TISBI»;
  • invitation of foreign professors and researchers to conduct joint educational projects at the University of Management «TISBI».

A wide range of programs provides an opportunity for students to study in one of the partner universities:

  • without interruption of studying (double degree programs);
  • taking part in short-term student exchange and other academic mobility programs.

We have accorded high priority to the study of foreign languages. There are exchange programs for the studying of Chinese and Korean languages. In turn, foreign students can take a certified course of Russian as a foreign language, developed by the department of philology. Alongside other language projects, «TISBI» offer training courses for TOEFL and IELTS.

The University of Management «TISBI» realizes international cooperation programs on the basis of bilateral agreements and memorandums of understanding:

  • double degree program with the University of the Potomac (Washington D.C., The USA): bachelor’s, master’s degree;
  • student exchange program with Chang Chun University (Chang Chun, China): studying Russian/Chinese as a foreign language;
  • double degree program with South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK (Mikkeli, Finland): bachelor’s degree;
  • student exchange and academic mobility with National University of Ireland Galway (Galway, Ireland);
  • student exchange program with Shinhan University (South Korea): studying Russian/Korean as a foreign language;
  • international cooperation program of education, science and culture with the Polytechnic University of Gitega «PUG» (the Republic of Burundi);
  • international cooperation program with University of Johannesburg (South Africa) with the participation of A. B. Mezyaev, honorary consul of the Republic of Namibia, professor, head of the department of constitutional and international law at the University of Management «TISBI»;
  • international cooperation program with embassy of Mozambique in Russia, embassy of the Republic of Namibia in Russia, Open University of Israel, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Private Economic University in Znojmo, Czech Republic, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Kanada, and others.

The requirements for the students to participate in one of the programs are: to be full-time student and have B1/B2 level of English at least.

Foreign partners and training abroad

Academic mobility (student or academic exchange) is the opportunity to spend one or more term in other country as a student or intern of a foreign University, without interrupting studies at the University of Management «TISBI» or by double degree program.

Student exchange within the framework of a partnership agreement provides an opportunity to study at one of the partner Universities.

Scientific exchange within the framework of a partnership agreement provides an opportunity to undergo an internship or undertake research at one of the partner Universities. The duration of academic mobility depends on the terms of the partnership. Graduate students, staff and teachers of TISBI are able to participate in these exchanges.

Foreign partners of the University of Management «TISBI»

  • University of the Potomac (Washington D.C., The USA);
  • Chang Chun University (Chang Chun, China):;
  • South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK (Mikkeli, Finland):
  • National University of Ireland Galway (Galway, Ireland);
  • Shinhan University (South Korea);
  • Polytechnic University of Gitega «PUG» (the Republic of Burundi);
  • University of Johannesburg (South Africa);
  • Open University of Israel;
  • Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova;
  • Private Economic University in Znojmo (Czech Republic);
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Kanada)