TISBI Will be the Venue for the International Dictation

Education 27 october 2022

This year the large-scale educational event “The Geographical Dictation - 2022” will cover all continents. The tagline is: My region. My country. My discoveries.

The platform for the Geographical Dictation will be organized on October 30, 22 at 12:00 p.m. at the University of Management “TISBI”. The international educational event of the Russian Geographic Society has been taking place since 2015. The event is aimed at promotion of knowledge about Russia, its natural resources, peoples, great scientists and researchers.

The Dictation has been held at all the continents, International Space Station, in the Arctic and Antarctic. There were more than 2,4 million people. The event has become international since 2017. The total number of countries which took part in the Dictation was 122.

The tasks for “The Geographical Dictation - 2022” were translated into English, Spain and French for the first time.

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