The XXVI International Symposium on Psychological Issues of the Meaning of Life and Acme

Society 27 january 2021

The Fifth Kazakhstan youth section of the International Symposium on Psychological Problems of Meaning of Life and Acme took place online in Almaty

Gelnefis Akhmadieva, the student of the Faculty of Humanities, and  Anna Korotkova, the head of the Psychology and Pedagogy Department of the Faculty of Humanities, represented the University of Management “TISBI”.

Twelve students presented their research works at the 1st part of the event.  Gelnefis worked on the Meaning of life and family as a subject. She chose this topic because family plays an important role in our lives.

Based on the research work, I can say that the meaning of life resides in fulfilment of personal dreams and foresight. You should not rush into taking a decision on meaning of life. You should take into account all pros and cons and then start to act: solve problems, achieve new goals and be happy. Gelnefis Akhmadieva the 4th year student of the Faculty of Humanities

Gelnefis received the laureate diploma for Research Work.

The second part of the Symposium included use of digital technologies. The participants had to present their mini-projects, dedicated to "environmental communication" and "toxic communication". The most active participants were awarded with certificates of creativity. Gelnefis Akhmadieva was among the participants. 

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