The VIII Russian-Chinese Volga-Yangtze Youth Forum

Society 27 february 2023

Vice-rectors and students of the University of Management “TISBI” took part in the Forum

The Forum was held under the motto “Openness and development are the realization of the youth”.

There were more than 550 participants of the Forum. Among them were students and teachers of the universities and vocational education institutions, experts and young businessmen of Volga region and Chinese provinces including Anhui, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan and cities under Central authority Chongqing.

Evgeniya Prokhorova, vice-rector for educational work, Anna Naida, vice-rector for research and development, and the 3rd year students of the “International relations” programme took part in the Forum.

"Volga-Yangtze unites the regions of the Volga Federal District of Russia and Chinese provinces. There are people out there who sincerely like their homeland and appreciate a real friendship. When developing this project we and our Chinese partners pay attention to the expansion of profound cooperation, such as trade, economic, scientific and technical. Also we strive to build strong relationship between our youth." Igor Komarov Plenipotentiary representative office of President of Russia in the Volga Federal District

The Russian-Chinese Volga-Yangtze youth forum lasted two days. The thematic sessions on digital economy and e-commerce, youth entrepreneurship and business creation, culture and tourism were held.

The Forum was ended with Russian-Chinese online youth concert, photo exhibition of young photographers and video interview of students on topic Russia/China in my eyes.

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