The Results of Abilympics - 2020

Inclusive education 17 november 2020

Students of the University of Management “TISBI” participated and won the professional regional competition for people with disabilities.

The regional competition included tasks on 54 competences such as confectionary, social work, landscape design, dressmaking, studio photography, etc. There were more than 600 participants.

This competition is one of the ways to develop inclusive culture of the society and draw public attention to problems associated with the socialization of young people with disabilities. Conferences and workshops were provided there as a career guidance for future applicants and their parents.

Alina Ismagilova, the student of the University of Management “TISBI”, won the second place on makeup competence; Diana Savelyeva, Regina Valeeva, Arina Dudnikova took the third place on sale and processing.

students competition