Future Educational Psychologists Begin to Learn Sign Language

Inclusive education 09 february 2024

The 3rd year students have begun learning sign language

Education is a fundamental social and cultural human right, which can significantly affect human development. And there is an inclusive education for children with disabilities in our country which leads to the realization of this right.

Inclusive education is a type of environment that provides possibilities of effective self-development of the subjects of educational process. Creation of the inclusive environment is carried out by use of different technologies, methods and approaches.

Graduates of the psychological and pedagogical education of the University of Management “TISBI” become an integral part of inclusive education.

It is the educational psychologists are the first ones to come in contact. They may find themselves in any unexpected situation that needs alternative communication.

The lessons are scheduled for 1.5 year. They are held offline once a week. Practical tasks are obligatory for the programme. Additionally, students will get theoretical knowledge within the field of education and training of people with hearing or speech disabilities, mental disorders, ASD. They will get the experience of communication with persons with disabilities.

sign language students