Conference on Education of Hearing Impaired Children and Young People

Inclusive education 26 november 2021

The University of Management “TISBI” hold the Conference devoted to the 95th anniversary of “The All-Russian Society of the Deaf” (VOG) in the Republic of Tatarstan and 135th anniversary of Lastochkina boarding school in Kazan.

There were about 80 teachers from state and municipal educational establishments who participated in the Republic Conference on education, teaching and social integration of children and young people with hearing impairments. Stanislav Andreev, the Deputy Minister of Education in the Republic of Tatarstan, Sofia Mustafina, the Deputy Minister for Youth in the Republic of Tatarstan, Stanislav Ivanov, the President of “The All-Russian Society of the Deaf”, Venera Gaulston, the chairwoman of VOG in Tatarstan, Aleksey Lopatin, the Rector of the University of Management “TISBI” and Milyausha Gafarova, the Director of of Lastochkina boarding school for children with disabilities, welcomed the participants.

In addressing the problem of education of hearing impaired students, I would like to highlight that the challenges of teaching people with disabilities far exceed the capacities. We need to discuss and solve the problems. There should be a set of measures. But first of all we should change our attitude to students with disabilities. Aleksey Lopatin Rector of the University of Management “TISBI”

Lidiya Frolova, the Presidential Adviser of VOG on Education, Employment, Information Policy and Social Projects, considered gaps in continuous inclusive education for children with hearing impairments. During the Conference, the participants got to know the relevant legal information in the sphere of education and accessibility for hearing impaired children.

The participants shared their experience with colleagues, told about tools for the teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing students and creation of glossary of linguistic terms in Russian sign language.

The University of Management “TISBI” has been studying students with disabilities for more than 20 years. The education for these students is free of charge. Students with disabilities have unhindered access to the main building and adjacent territory. Classrooms, premises and part of curriculum are adapted for inclusive education.

The educational process for me is organized in such a way that all the lessons are on the same floor. The teachers always meet our demands: speak slowly or help to draw. The learning process is well structured that is why it is easy to study. Polina Alyukova Forth year student of the Faculty of Law

The Institute of Inclusive Education was established at the University of Management “TISBI” in September this year.

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