Aleksey Lopatin: “Give an Additional Impetus”

Society 11 november 2021

Aleksey Lopatin, rector of the University of Management “TISBI”, gave details about true and false values of higher education.

The Rector of the University has given a great emphasis for digitalization and education in his interview with journalist of “Rector Speaking” analytical and information resource. He notes that digitalization is not just an indicator “number of PCs per student”, but it is a creation of new service approaches for students, additional pedagogical material for its better visibility. In his opinion, the future of digital education belongs to VR-technologies: e.g. student will be able to “spin” and examine a DNA molecule.

If we talk about training engineers, doctors and teachers we understand that digitalization should not be the same as distance education.

Even the best robot or simulator cannot replace living practice. There is a big difference between knowledge-abilities –skills and competences. For example, you know the heat transfer through the wall. You have the formula. I gave you the temperature, the wall parameters, and you can’t put that data into a formula and apply it - that’s the difference between knowledge and competence. Aleksey Lopatin Rector of the University of Management “TISBI”

The Rector also paid attention to team spirit. He told that flexibility and responsiveness are the strengths of current staff.

Please visit “Rector Speaking” analytical and information resource to read about ranking of universities and their role in the near future, continuing and personal education.

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