Admission for Education in Serbia is Announced

Society 22 may 2024

The scholarship programme is focused on training and skills development Serbian state universities for 2024/2025 academic years.

There are 28 state scholarship programmes for students from the Russian Federation for 2024/2025 academic years.

Scholarship programme includes the following:

  • Free education
  • Scholarship payments of 15,000 dinars per a month
  • Board and accommodation in students’ dormitories
  • Basic medical insurance
  • Student visa
  • Recognition of diplomas and (or) qualification

Applicants should provide two sets of the documents (for Russia and Serbia) in the Ministry of Education of Russia.

The documents should be submitted by:

  1. Email:
  2. Registered letter by mail to the address: Interobrazovanie, 8 Bolshoy Chudov Str., BLDG 1, Moscow, 119021.

The documents should be applied till June 28, 2024, 16:00 Moscow time.

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