A Student-Focused Approach

University's life 18 april 2024

Dmitriy Polyakov, Rector of the University of Management “TISBI”, had a meeting with foreign students.

The University considers international collaboration as one of the most important areas of its work. TISBI recruits prospective foreign citizens to training programmes.

"We care about every student, so we strive to ensure the best conditions for everyone. Though the number of foreign students is not so big, we do our best to help you successfully study and participate in different events." Dmitriy Polyakov Rector of the University of Management “TISBI”

Evgeniya Prokhorova, Vice-Rector for youth policy and educational work, Dmitriy Gurylev, Vice-Rector for security, Natalia Larionova, Head of the international relations department, and Farida Gibadullina, Head of hostels, attended the meeting.

Suzanna Gevorkyan, Vice President of Committee for Foreign Students Affairs, made a presentation of behalf of the Students League of the Republic of Tatarstan. She spoke about the 17 areas of activities, objectives and upcoming events where students can take part in.

Foreign students talked to the Rector about the living conditions, teaching, school attendance, security measures and extracurricular activities.

meeting foreign students