24 January is proclaimed as International Day of Education

Unesco 11 february 2020

Education is an essential human right, a public good and a state responsibility.

The UNESCO Associated Schools Network  and Nella Pruss, ASPnet National Coordinator in the Russian Federation, is organizing a series of activities on the International Day of Education.

Teachers and students of the UNESCO Associated Schools will be involved in action and present a video message about the importance of education and the way it could change our lives. The theme of the International day of education in 2020 is “Learning for people, planet, prosperity and peace”.

Because, now more than ever, we need to mobilize. UNESCO, on the occasion of the International Day of Education, is issuing a call for action - action for education. High-level political authorities and citizens, States and associations, teachers and parents of students: everyone, in their own way, has a role to play in making the right to education a reality for all. It is our responsibility to future generations. Audrey Azoulay Director General of UNESCO

The celebration of the International Day of Education emphasizes the importance of education as one of a human right.


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