TISBI at the International Tournament Games of the Future

Sport 10 october 2023

These are the test competitions before the main tournament which will be held in February 2024.

Phygital game is a single competition combining both classic sport and esport. It gives the opportunities to show digital skills in computer games and physical training on the sport ground.

Students of IT faculty together with Ramziia Solozhentseva, a senior lecturer, attended VR zones and played basketball simulator on PlayStation 5.

Also the students watched the phygital athletes who were fighting the first place in phygital basketball.

Esportsmen showed their physical skills in phygital basketball. Eight teams were participated in the Russian tournament “Champion’s Path”. The teams were fighting for the main trophy of the Phygital games.

As a part of “Phygital live”, a phygital football and a phygital laser tag are scheduled within the event.

phygital live games of the future students