The University of Management “TISBI” Reviewed the Teaching Techniques with the Use of Audio-Visual Educational Programs

Unesco 29 may 2020

The regular webinar of UNESCO, organized by Mr. Gwang-Chol Chang, the Chief Section of Education Policy of the UNESCO Education Sector in collaboration with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), took place today.

The participants of the virtual workshop discussed the experience of using audio-visual technologies in the education system. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the educational process and media served as a mediator of providing lifelong learning

The speakers shared their experience in developing and implementing high-quality educational programs on TV. They raised the issue of necessary financial, human and technical resources to be provided to create such programs. The educational programs on TV cannot substitute for teacher and educational process itself. But they can be used as supplementary materials during the education.

Elena Aleksandrova, PhD, Head of the Department of Vocational Education Technologies, Deputy Head of the UNEVOC Center at the University of Management “TISBI”, participated in the UNESCO’s webinar. She welcomed the ideas and techniques for the improvement of education in online environment and their realization.  

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