The First of September is the First Day of University for Freshmen

University's life 31 august 2021

A Knowledge Day will be held for the first year students in the summer garden of the University.

Traditionally, Nella Pruss, the Rector of the University, will welcome the freshmen. The event will take place on September 1, 2021 at 12:00

The organizational meeting for freshmen will take place on August 31 at Great Hall of the University. The Rector, the vice –rectors and deans will attend the meeting.

The first year students will meet their guidance counselors and receive information about the schedule and the form of education. The freshmen will have an opportunity to get the answers for their questions on organization of training and supplementary activities.

Due to epidemiological situation and sanitary regulations, the meetings for the freshmen will be held in 3 time slots: 10:00 – the faculty of Economics and the faculty of Management; 12:00 – the faculty of IT; 14:00 - the faculty of Law and the faculty of Humanities. Please use masks and keep distance. Information about meeting is available on personal accounts of students.