Superior Court Judge of the Democratic Republic of Congo Visited TISBI

University's life 02 october 2023

Wane Bameme, a Professor of Law and Judge, had a talk with the Rector of the University and students.

During the meeting the prospects of cooperation between the University of Management “TISBI” and the University of Kinshasa were discussed. Dmitry Polyakov, the Rector, and Anna Naida, the First Vice-rector, attended the event.

Wane Bameme held a meeting with the students of law and humanitarian faculties, where he told about the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo and its relations with Russia.

Great attention was paid to the development of the relations between African countries and Russia, especially in the context of the Russia-Africa Summit -2023.

At the meeting, the participants discussed not only the questions of history and law, but also they talked about the culture. It is the culture that brings nations together.

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