Scholar of the Year - 2020

Science and innovation 27 october 2020

The best scientific students’ works were indicated at the University of Management “TISBI”.

The “Scholar of the Year” contest for the best scientific student work is held annually and it is aimed at development and realization of students’ potential. By such competitions, students become increasingly   involved in science activities and develop the skills of research work.

The contest is traditionally held in three rounds. Students take place in the final round if their works have been recognized as the best at the faculties.

The finals were judged by 10 criteria. Presentation skills and abilities to answer the competition commission were assessed alongside the depth of research and significance of the scientific work.

I am grateful for the invitation. It is not my first year in competition commission. I am very pleased to note that the quality of the scientific works presented by students is improving year by year. Svetlana Gruzkova A chairperson of the jury, senior scientist of Scientific establishment “The University of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Problems”.

The Results of the Contest

I place- Angelina Bezrukova (the Faculty of Management)

II place – Svetlana Chernobrovkina (the Faculty of IT) and Ekaterina Lopatina (the Faculty of Management)

III place – Ksenia Bazhaykina (the Faculty of Economics) and Madina Bukieva (the Faculty of Humanities)

“The Best Theoretical Research” – Gleb Rassypninskiy (the Faculty of Management)

“The Best Analytical Research” – Diana Galyautdinova (the Faculty of Law)

“The Best Speaker” -  Elizaveta Chirkova (the Faculty of Law)

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