Nella Pruss Took Part in a Joint Forum of the Russian Ministry of Education and UNESCO

Unesco 05 may 2018

The forum was held within the framework of the Moscow International Education Fair 2018

There were more than 400 participants in the Moscow International Education Fair 2018. For the second time, it takes place under the auspices of UNESCO. On the first day of the Fair, a Joint Forum of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education was held. The forum was opened by the Minister Olga Vasilieva, and her colleagues from the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Burundi, Palestine, Iran. Other UNESCO members also took active part in the work of the Forum. One of the topics of the forum was the role of technology in the modernization of the educational process and the professional development of teachers. Participants discussed the global challenges that modern technology have targeted for education.

Among the forum participants were the representatives of the Ministries of Education, heads of leading Universities and training centres for scientific and teaching staff, as well as trainers, researchers and practitioners in ICT in education, coordinators of UNESCO networks, representatives of NGOs, IGOs and private IT companies.

There was a global dialogue on the use of ICT in education. The Rector of the University of Management “TISBI” also gave a speech at the Forum.

We have been successfully using ICT tools within the framework of UNESCO Associated Schools for a long time. The future is in digital technologies, and we are going to develop it further. Nella Pruss Ph.D., UNESCO ASPnet National Coordinator of the Russian Federation, Head of the International UNESCO Chair, Head of the UNEVOC Centre at the University of Management “TISBI”, Rector of the University of Management “TISBI”

The presentation raised great interest among the audience. The declared topic affected almost all participants of the event. In addition, Nella Pruss spoke about her work experience at the Moscow International Education Fair 2018. The Rector’s speech was the most relevant in modern education and became the reason for a serious discussion of the latest educational trends.

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