Day of Russian Science 2021

Science and innovation 12 february 2021

The University of Management “TISBI” held the conference dedicated to the development of university science and motivation of scientific and pedagogical workers and students to research on the Day of Russian Science.

Aleksey Gryaznov, a Vice Rector for Research, presented a program focusing on the strengthening of research activities. In his statement, he noted that the main goal of the University is coming to the level of the best digital entrepreneurial university in the region.

Digital entrepreneurial university is a system that combines multiple digital services to achieve the university’s primary goal: to improve the quality of education and human capital formation for the region’s innovative economy and sustainable society.

Earlier the Scientific Board of the University adopted the research topic for teaching staff – “Digital Entrepreneurial Technologies in Behavioral Economics: Implementation Mechanisms”, and students’ – “Digital Youth Entrepreneurial Technologies in Behavioral Economics”.

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